Hand tracking?
A handful of opportunities!

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What is the role of hand tracking within our XR trainings

We at Rhinox came across an interesting problem one day, people who aren’t used to controllers have a really hard time getting accustomed to them!
Besides it being annoying for the person in question it also slows down the learning process significantly and might even distract the person during the training.

This is why we at Rhinox have dedicated ourselves to exploring the possibilities and limitations of hand tracking as well as what the future has in store for this technology.

How do we leverage hand tracking at Rhinox

In one of our recent training programs we used hand tracking as a way to move around in a VR environment as well as a way to interact with user interfaces dotted around the virtual world. One of the biggest reasons we decided to use hand tracking technology was to lower the barrier of entry for students who have never worked with controllers before.

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Possibilities with hand tracking

As you can see there are a lot of possibilities with hand tracking, since we aren’t bound any longer to using controllers we can incorporate certain interactions that ought to be impossible with a controller.
Listed below are some of these interactions:

Besides these interactions it is also great to know that a hand has more freedom than a controller and thus allows for more complex interactions to take place.

What does the future of hand tracking look like

The future of hand tracking looks bright!
Both in software and hardware there are improvements made every day that allow for more precise tracking as well as more complex interactions.
If this trend keeps going like it is going now I personally foresee a future without controllers.

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