How Lars got to Rhinox: From passion to profession


Graduated with a master’s degree, for many years fascinated by games and algorithms and fully ready to turn his passion into his profession. That’s how you could briefly describe the start of Lars' professional career. Confidently, he went looking for a job that combines his theoretical background with his love for game technology. A story in which game technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning are central.

Lars’ road to Rhinox

After finishing my ​Civil Engineering​ studies (UGent) one thing was obvious: I would go for a job focusing on machine learning​, artificial​ ​intelligence​ and ​game​ technology.​ During my master’s thesis I did research on machine learning in the video game industry and I’ve always been fascinated by artificial intelligence and algorithms. The search for my first job was on!

By contacting the supervisor of my internship that I did for Dimension4​, I soon got in touch with the ​Cronos Interactive network.​ Considering my interest in artificial intelligence and game technology I ended up at Rhinox​. And yes, it was an instant match! For one year now, I’ve been working as a programmer for Rhinox, specialized in everything that deals with artificial intelligence (AI).

Interdisciplinarity and versatility

Coming from a large corporate environment, working for Rhinox is something completely different. You get the opportunity to operate in a small ​team​ of ​experts,​ disposing of a wide range of ​in-house technologies​. Given the fact each employee is specialized in a specific area, there’s a lot ​cross-fertilisation​ and interdisciplinarity​. You're ​learning​ new things every day, which is good and crucial in a fast-changing business. Also, each assignment is different, which allows you to use various technologies.

On top, Rhinox has the right focus, at least in my opinion. Today we concentrate on virtual reality and artificial intelligence solutions for business ​purposes​, rather than for entertainment objectives. For example, Rhinox goes to schools to introduce virtual reality. as a possible new way of taking courses. To me, solutions that really create a​dded​ value​.

In-house game technology and artificial intelligence’s huge potential

The ultimate dream is to develop my own game technology. Rhinox is the perfect environment to achieve this. I’m surrounded by a team of experts, consisting of people who are each specialized in a particular discipline. There’s a lot of knowledge sharing which allows us to build up an enormous amount of know-how. Sooner or later, this may enable me to develop my own technology.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence is still ​uncharted​ territory​ for many companies. Major businesses such as Google and Facebook play a pioneering role, but for many small and medium-sized enterprises it’s something far away. There are certainly still many opportunities here. Regarding those possibilities, I'm hoping in the future to expand the artificial intelligence activities within Rhinox. Maybe even to play a leading role, considering my expertise and educational background. We'll see what the future brings!

Rhinox, the perfect playground for new graduates

Many young graduates want to run before they can even walk. I recommend each of them to first gain expertise in an ​experienced​ environment.​ When you've just graduated, you have a good foundation, but the real in-depth knowledge can only be gained by experiencing and doing it. Rhinox is the perfect setting for this, because there’s a lot of in-house technology​ to experiment with. Also, you’re able to work in a small team of experts, which means you can acquire a lot of knowledge. And last but not least, Rhinox is part of the Cronos Interactive network. An excellent opportunity to build professional relationships​ and get in touch with like-minded people​ and sector​ experts​. You see, only benefits!

Interested to work at Rhinox and extend this success story? Let’s talk over coffee!

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