The future of (virtual) assembly manuals

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Have you ever wished for an interactive manual to assemble your own machines and machine

parts? A manual that your employees can follow, support, and train with? At Rhinox, we are excited

to introduce our Visual Manual, a visual representation of your work instructions that is set to

revolutionize the way you approach assembly and training.

What is a visual manual?

Our visual manual provides step-by-step visual guidance for assembling your products. Every step

of the process is virtually displayed, complete with accompanying information and required parts.

This means your employees can stop at any moment, look around, and learn more about the

specific step in the process. They can see which parts are needed and what details are associated

with them.

Enhanced learning and retention

Traditional text-based manuals can often be difficult to follow and understand, leading to mistakes

and inefficiencies. With our visual manual, the integration of visual aids significantly improves

comprehension and retention. Studies have shown that visual learning can enhance understanding

by up to 400%, making this tool not only innovative but also highly effective.

Interactive and engaging

One of the key features of a visual manual is its interactive nature. Employees are no longer

passive readers but active participants in the learning process. They can manipulate the 3D models,

zoom in on intricate details, and replay steps as many times as needed. This interactive approach

keeps employees engaged and motivated, reducing the learning curve and increasing productivity.

Benefits of a visual manual

3D Experience

At each step, you can view a 3D representation of your product. This allows for a deeper exploration

and better understanding of the assembly procedure. The interactive aspect makes learning not only

more efficient but also more engaging.

Ease of use

A visual manual can be used in handheld form on a tablet, making it ideal for use on the shop

floor. This ensures that your employees have easy access to the instructions while they work. The

portability of a tablet means that employees can carry the manual with them, consulting it whenever

necessary, leading to fewer errors and interruptions in the workflow.

Immersive Training

Additionally, a visual manual can be used in a VR application, providing an immersive experience

for your employees. This is particularly useful for training scenarios, where employees can practice

in a virtual environment without any risks. VR training can simulate real-world conditions and

complex scenarios, preparing your team for any situation they might encounter.

Real-time updates

A visual manual is not static; it can be updated in real-time. If there are changes in the assembly

process or new components added, the manual can be instantly revised. This ensures that your

team always has the most current information, enhancing efficiency and safety.


While developing and maintaining traditional manuals can be costly, the visual manual is a

cost-effective solution in the long run. It reduces the need for printed materials, minimizes training

time, and decreases the likelihood of assembly errors, all contributing to significant cost savings.

Key features

Are you ready to transform the way you use assembly manuals? Contact us! We would love to

discuss in detail how our Visual Manual can help your business.

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