VOLT lifts VR training and simulations to the next level


With VOLT – our framework for virtual reality training and simulation – we are able to offer high quality personalized results for our customers. But we want to take it one step further. You, as a customer, can now create, adjust and maintain your own VR trainings and simulations, without the need of any technical experts. You can create and adjust your virtual reality experiences using our self-service platform.

Your own sandbox in VR.

We strongly believe in the power of Virtual Reality as an engaging, innovative and efficient way to educate employees in operational workflows. Our continuous efforts in improving the current VR framework have led to the next step: making a user-friendly self-service platform where our customers can create their own Virtual Reality trainings and simulations. Trainers and coordinators exactly know how their processes work and what the workflow should look like. Therefore, they are the best experts to configure a simulation or training. Using VOLT, you will be able to recreate your own workflows in virtual reality, without having a middleman in between. This enables you to experiment with your setup and train employees in a highly efficient way.

How our VOLT framework works.

VOLT allows you to build your own 3D environments, without any technical background in virtual reality design. The user-friendly platform has a library of elements from which you can construct your own virtual reality simulation. You can also add your very own elements by importing CAD drawings.

Starting from the CAD drawings, you can define how the parts should be connected by indicating corresponding connection points. Then, every step of connecting different parts should be put in the correct order, determining the right sequence. You can do this by using our smart recording module. Subsequently, an expert can do the sequence in Virtual Reality. Our system will then record and save the sequence that is shown by the expert. By indicating which tools from the library should be used, you get a highly realistic simulation. When this is defined, you can decide the room and the layout of the training post. You can freely use our library containing components like racks and tables, but it is also possible to import new elements, change the layout and experiment with the setup.

Watch again.

Completing these steps leads to your own unique virtual reality simulation and training. When you put on your VR glasses, you will be able to walk around in the room you just created. Our system will also provide you guidance on how to assemble everything you imported. Afterwards, you will be able to analyze the order of actions using our analytics tools. This data can be used to further optimize your work post into a highly efficient station. In short, VOLT offers you a new way of working that can easily be customized to your own needs. Which leads to an improvement of efficiency for your current and new workflows.

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